Selena Salon Says Thank You The Hoe Way!

Never leave a hoe home alone, especially if she's your wife. Senny is a twenty-one year old homemaker from Venezuela who gets left by herself with the electrician. She called him up because the dining and master bedroom lights needs fixing. That's not the only thing that she needs fixing. He did such a great job, she paid him more than a few pesos and a free lunch! Soon after, it's just like an episode of Desperate Housewives, Incredible pass style! Selena starts things off with sloppy wet blow job. She sucks that guy's piece of meat like she can suck it dry. And she looks like she could. Her suction is great and indomitable, watching her in action makes us wet with pre-cum already! Sweat and saliva never looked so sultry. She slurps loudly and makes full use of her mouth and tongue to elicit groans from our appreciative electrician. Then, when it was time for small tight pussy and hard sausage to play, she relishes every inch of him inside her, gliding in and out of her sexy sweet cavern. She demonstrates the law of gravity as she gets screwed. He then treats her to a nice succession of jackhammering that will make you groan with delight! Selena's taking him somewhere that is familiar to us Incredible Pass viewers, the path to wet joyous ecstasy. Will she be successful? Will he come before he gets to chew on her flirty tender sugar walls "Watch and see for yourself."

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