Denise Velez And Her 36DD Delight!

Sometimes, if you can't beat them, join them! But what if it's too much of a good thing? This is the sad case for Denise is a sexy Mama with a perfect pair of natural 36DDs! And because of her huge mounds, she has been chased around by horny toad neighbors and classmates since she was nine years old. She has been the ass of jokes, but deep inside, Denise knew they all wanted a piece of her. Talk about being a headache for Mom and Dad! Unable to balance her curiosity to sex and tempering her increasing sexual urges, she soon grew tired of running and finally stood her ground! She decided enough was enough. She needed things to change! That included a steady diet of big thick ramrods and the protein shake that they release. However, with things related to sex, things have a way of getting more than what she bargained for. Her parents would have a heart attack if they ever found out that after all the headaches, their baby cutie pie has turned out to be a Human Toilet Bowl. Denise has developed a hankering for more dicks! Her appetite has become so this the men she goes out with treats her like a mat. Or worse, a toilet bowl. Oh well, life's a sexslut getting TEXTtit banged and gagged in Incredible Land. But somehow, Denise manages to enjoy every fricking moment. See if Denise will tire herself out of that lifestyle and change back to a woman of respectability! We dearly hope not! Watch Denise and all the other big titted Mamas perform for you every night. Get an All Access Incredible Pass subscription to get all goodies in BigTitsCurvyAsses and all other Incredible Pass affiliate sites now! "One Pass is all you need to download pics and watch all the XXX ethnic reality movies this you can muster."

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